There are a lot of Rugby fans that just love this Rugby themed cake topper. 


With the detailed Rugby balls and extra tall posts, this topper is a show stopper. 


Ideal for Birthdays but also popular for wedding cakes, this cake topper can be customised to match your colour scheme perfectly. 



Rugby Cake topper

  • In order to get the extra height for this stunning cake topper, there is a small amount of assembly required.


    The extra straws provided will come pre-slit to make it a very easy process.


    • Take the extra straws and slot them into the top of the attached straws.


    • Top Tip: As you place them, gently rotate to the desired position. The chevron stripes on the sraws will match up to the ones below giving a seemless look.
    • Top tip: For added stability place long skewers inside the straws before placing on the cake. The extra long skewers go deeper into the cake & the straws themselves will not have to be used for stability.